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Craft Link is a Social Business that allows kids in Latin America to just be kids.
There are a lot of great views and great places in Latin America, but there are also many street children due to poverty.
So we decided to help Latin American mothers to help the kids.

We provide them with the Korean market as a platform.
Women in Latin america have amazing handicraft making skills and people in Korea can get a real Latin style handicraft for 10 dollars per month.
Nobody knows which handicrafts will come. It is like a monthly gift.

By increasing the level of family income, kids can get a chance to go to school and play.
We manage the attendance of kids with teachers and local NGO and provide toys and equipment for the school, like soccer balls,
We make school best and safest play ground for the kids. Join us to help the kids in Central and South America.

More information will be sent if you ask in email.

Thank you for your interests about us